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Testimonials from Our Patients

"I have suffered for a long time with neck pain. I have gone to physical therapy every day for about three years. I would have temporary relief followed by pain. One of my nurse friends told me to go see Dr. Hansen because he is excellent. I thought, 'Chiropractors? I don't think I want to go to them.' But one time, I was in so much pain after physical therapy that I could not even write my notes or do anything. That's when my nurse friend pushed me to make an appointment. I think I did the best thing in my life. Now I can sleep every single night without pain, without any medications. He's excellent."

- Dr. Branda Shrivastava, MD

"Since I have been coming to see Dr. Chris, I have not had any migraines or sinus headaches. I was averaging one to two headaches a week and now I have been headache-free for three weeks, which has been wonderful since I have not had to take any medications which have other side effects." - Kathy

"I've had back surgery and and I've had problems for a long time. Since I've been coming to Dr. Hansen, I've actually been feeling really good. I've been getting a lot of headaches and he's been fixing me. If you need to go see somebody, go see Dr. Hansen, he's a great doctor." - Ed

"I've had problems for years until my doctor told me to go to a chiropractor. The difference is incredible. This is the best I've felt in years." - Lillian

"I have been going to Dr. Hansen for roughly five treatments and boy, have I been doing great. I had trouble driving, turning my neck to the left and to the right. Everything worked out beautifully. He's the #1 doctor." - Andy

"I've been under chiropractic care for about twenty years, on and off. I've always had a chronic neck issue where I would tilt my head back and always have constant, aching pain. What I have noticed recently with Dr. Hansen is that I've only been seeing him for about a month, and in that month, all of a sudden when I tilt my head back like that, I don't have that same pain anymore. I can stretch it back and feel like a normal human being again. It's very encouraging to see that there is a doctor out there like Dr. Hansen who can actually help us. Even though you deal with twenty years worth of pain, there is still hope and if you go to the right doctor, like him, you can be healed and feel better again." - Susan

"I've had back pain from a fractured vertebrae and neck pain. I come to Dr. Chris, I get adjusted, I feel great and healthy. He really helps. He's awesome. I'm a nurse and I swear by Dr. Chris." - Jennifer

"I came to see Dr. Hansen on Monday. I was hardly walking and now it's Friday and I'm up and about." - Patricia

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Pro Athletes Recommend Chiropractic

I have to have an adjustment before I go into the ring. I do believe in chiropractic. I found that going to a chiropractor three times a week helps my performance. The majority of boxers go to get that edge.

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